I believe in miracles


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As children we are confronted early on with solemn questions of faith. For example: Do you believe in Santa Claus? At a certain age, belief in the miracle of Christmas is unshakeable. Where else would gifts come from?

At some point, however, children become sceptical. And those with older siblings often have their belief in Christmas destroyed quite early. Disenchantment is the speciality of older children; from one moment to the next a rock-solid certainty turns into disappointment.

Later, the magic of Christmas becomes the wonderful childhood memory of a time when believing was still so easy.

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South Eastern European logistics provider - (inter)national freight, courier and freight deliveries, logistics for a supermarket chain - with a fleet of 200 own vehicles and 10 bases is for sale. Turnover around € 30 million with an EBITDA margin of around 10 %.

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European investment company offers strengthening of the equity base for medium-sized companies and family businesses with a turnover of € 10 million or more through minority direct investments, especially in Germany.

Project 179082

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